I/W: Credits

Its time for me to give credit where credit is due. All of the portraits are created using excellent reference photography. Most of it comes from the great Stock Photographers over at Deviant Art. I have a lots of portraits to do for this project, and I wouldnt be able to do it without the variety of people’s faces I have found through that resource. Thanks for allowing me to use your pics! :)

*All of these Deviants can be found by adding (dot)deviantart(dot)com after the username.

-Faestock, – piratelotus-stock, – xnbcreative, – stevewackenking, – tracys-stock, – artforever123, – 9thplanetstock, – skydancer-stock, – felipa-de-noailles

-daniellefiremodel, – b-i-l-l-y, – jantiff-stocks, – fairiegoodmother, – cfstock, – dangerousdryad, – fatgirlstock, – blacksockstock, – my-last-breath, – jennsuteki

– meggane, – sd-stock, – southtownstocks, – joybelle, – chamberstock, – spiritedfool, – mithgariel-stock, – cathleentarawhiti, – random-acts-stock

– anariel-stock, – minorphicphoto, – edb-stock, – montvalentstock, – alicespiegel, – armathor-stock, – mawiiecooper, – magikstock, – ye-olde-stock

– jaymasee, – ailinstock, – grinmirstock

I will periodically update this post when I use the reference pics of new photographers.


Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo / April 26,27,28

We shall be in the Artist Alley of the 2013 Calgary Expo! This convention is shaping up to be the biggest in Canada (watch your back T.O.). Its drawing an amazing line up of talent, celebrities, and artists.



We shall be representing our game in spots G5 & G6. See you there!


Back at It

Well, I’m just starting to come to the end of my crazy busy spell.  I started a new job and had a bunch of obligations to finish up and I’m just about in a position to spend more time on SoL now.  I’ll update this page more often with my progress.


I/W: Not much to report.

Really, my Day Job has been kicking my ass for the last few weeks, with a ton of extra hours. That means less time in the studio, so the progress on my illustrations has been frustratingly slow. I hope to have something new to show you next week. The goal at the moment is still to get all the elements finished for a complete screen shot for the main screen of the game. The last few drawings I need to do for that are not many, but important (insert time consuming).

Right now im reading: Well re-reading all the Wheel of Time books, before I can finally finish and read the last three in the series. I have been waiting over a decade for this moment.

Right now im inspired by: The Spectrum Collections. I recently picked up Spectrum 18 and 19. If you haven’t bought any of these annual books of Fantastic Art … where have you been!

Right now im feeling: Like I need to get my routine back! Where did you go? Come back, I miss you!

Right now im looking forward too: THE CALGARY EXPO. OMG only a little over a month away! Gah so much to do.

Okay. Back to work.


I/W: New Character

Hoyce Doryma
The Doryma family sits in the shadows. While appearing to be the Kings closest ally, they plot to advance their own interests.


I/W: Map Icons

Today I thought I would share some of the small Icons I have drawn for the map. These will be inserted into our provinces for cities, towns, farms, houses, castles, and ports. There are more, but these 4 are just a sneak peek. :)

These drawings are about 1 inch square each.


I/W: Characters & a sneek peek

A couple of characters for you today. :)

Maubeck Hos. Hunter, spy, whatever you want for the right price.

Denett Sonneria. Knight. Rogue. A Baron’s son of questionable morals.














Now for a sneak peek at something I have been having a LOT of fun drawing.


I/W: Products

Hey all.

So, someone asked me to follow up last weeks post by talking a little bit more about the materials I use, and more specifically the types of products I lean towards. Here goes.

As you can see in the photo, this is pretty much the go to stuff I have on hand when working on a project.

a. My painting box. Basically a plastic tackle box, it holds all my watercolor paints, my brushes, my pens and pencils, and erasers, ink, and guache. Its portable, which for me is the most important because I need to be able to take things with me wherever I go.

b. Here is a list of my preferred brands (from the box). Watercolors: Windsor & Newton, and Holbein. Guache: Lukas. Brushes: H.J. Gold Sable in a smattering of various sizes and shapes. Pens: Sakura Micron archival. Eraser: Stadler white. Eraser pen: Tuff Stuff.

c. That soft white brush sitting there is what I use to brush away eraser shavings. I don’t like to use my hands because 1. the graphite smears all over everything, and 2. the oils transfer from your skin to the paper, which is kinda gross. So a nice clean brush (that is used exclusively for this task) gets it done.

d. For painting I prefer to paint from old porcelain plates, or my big ceramic “flower”. I don’t like plastic palettes. The paint eventually gets soaked into it and they don’t clean up well, and they are just a mess. Glazed ceramic is best in my book.

e. Reference materials. This week I have been working on coats of arms for all the families in the game, so hence the Heraldry books. I keep a big collection of books for referencing. I am not one of those artists who can make stuff up. Im no good at imagining the way an animal fits together physiologically, so I need something to show me. I also have a big collection of Dover books, because I love the style of Victorian engravings.

f. I like to work on a cutting mat. I am not particularly messy, so I like a clean surface, and for some reason having that black mat comforts me. Plus, if I need to cut something I can just go ahead and do that without ruining a table top, or glass, or whatever.

Most of this stuff, I have literally had for decades. I am not hard on my materials, and I tend to use things sparingly, so it lasts a really, really long time.

Last but not least is what is not pictured here, PAPER. I use a bunch of different papers. I like cold-pressed watercolor paper (140 pound). I usually use Arches, but recently I have been using Acquerello Cartiera Magnani and it is wonderful, my new favorite. The surface is VERY smooth. I also sometimes use printmaking papers like BFK Rives, or Stonehenge.

Cheers. E.



Work In Progress: Part 2

Here are the same three character portraits I showed in last weeks post. The the first one it was all about getting the drawing down in line form. Now, we have shading and painting! :) Good stuff.

As you can see, I have completely inked and done a fair amount of shading by stippling. Why stippling? Its not a common technique for ink illustrators (I don’t really know why other than it being very time consuming), but I like it because there isn’t any other way to get a subtle transition of shadow, like with a graphite pencil. I like the way it looks for skin and cloth (mostly smooth surfaces). You will notice that I don’t stipple the whole drawing.

After the inking is complete, I lay down an initial layer of watercolor (which you can see on the red head). Here my goal is simply to cover the whole surface of the paper with paint, even if it is a very thin wash which is mostly clear water. This changes the surface of the paper and allows for more subtle shading because it isn’t being absorbed as much. I like to use the lightest colours here, mostly, and I also like to create a grey scale of shadows on the face.

In the third portrait you can see the final painting, saturated with colour. All the little details have been added, and the shading has been deepened. The only thing I left out are the tiny highlights, which will be added with white guache to accentuate the highlights in the eyes and also any metals there may be (in this case the gold on her head dress). You will notice that I hardly painted her pearls at all. I left them alone so that the white of the paper would show through.