Sunset Over Lievnos Progress Update Aug 2015

Here is our latest podcast where we discuss the current state of the game, why it taking so long, and some plans for the future.

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Let’s Play Gemfire!

Ok, so I realize that it’s been a very long time since our last update and I apologize for that. We have still been working on the game although it has been hard and at times we have had to deal with other issues and had to put the game on the back burner for a while. Things are still moving forward though! We are going to do our best to update more often going forward. I know we have said that before and failed, but we’re going to keep trying. We do have some updates lined up for the near future. We are hoping to update every two weeks on the Wednesday. So check back then.

We have for you right now a Let’s Play of Gemfire, the game that inspired Sunset Over Lievnos. I have loved Gemfire since I was a kid but Erika has never played it. Considering she is working on a game that is inspired by it, I thought it would be a good idea for her to play it, so we recorded it!

Watch our Gemfire Let’s Play now:


We’re back!

I apologize for the delay in getting the site back up again, but at last it’s finally here. There may be a few issues with the conversion, so if you find something not working, let me know. We’ll have more substantial content shortly!


Podcast Ep01 – Prequel Story & Editing Process

Hi everyone,

So we are going to try to do some podcasts about our development of Sunset Over Lievnos and see how it works out. Here is our first episode! It is about the prequel story and our writing/editing process. Give it a listen and comment bellow or head over to the forum at to discuss.

Download Ep 01 – Prequel Story & Editing Process – 24min, 45MB


Works in Progress

Here are a couple of works that are just sketches at this point. We have been working hard on character development, plot development, and just general story making. My plan is to now start creating some illustrations which are more emblematic of the story we are going to tell.


A couple that will be important right at the start. No spoilers! Stop asking.


A title piece I have had on my list for a long time. Now I have images I can put in here that are actually from our plot! Not just for decoration. Don’t look at that knights hand … I have to fix that.




Under a rock.

NO! I have not died.

… I just wanted you to know.


Yep. These are for things. Things you may have seen in a screenshot.


Update at the Crown Nation Forum

Someone by the name Sniglefritz had found our SoL project and asked some questions over at the Crown Nation Forum. My response ended up being fairly large and gives a pretty good summary of our current situation with SoL so I thought I would post a link to the forum so you can all check it out (and ask any follow-up questions!).

The link is:

If you don’t see the link above, just copy and paste this link into the address bar of your browser:




Development Update

I haven’t posted on the blog in a little while so I thought I’d give a little update as to what is going on. Since we were unsuccessful in the Kickstarter campaign we are shifting our focus to the PC version of the game, which we will release first. This means we don’t have to buy any new hardware or pay development fees which allows us to continue working on the game. Right now I am porting the code from the iOS version to the PC version. There are a few things we need to reconsider in the process and a few extra things I need to account for like variable resolutions and different input methods. Things are going nicely though and I’m currently testing a couple of new features which I hope will make Sunset Over Lievnos even better! We’ll have more info very soon, so stay tuned!


Kickstarter Campaign Postmortem

Our Kickstarter campaign for Sunset Over Lievnos (Click here to see the campaign page) has just come to an end and unfortunately we were unsuccessful at reaching our goal of $8000.  On the plus side the whole process was a great learning experience and I took away some valuable lessons.  I thought I would share my experiences which I hope will give insight into this project and it’s future as well perhaps help other people who are launching their own campaign.

So, what went wrong?


Target Audience and platform.

When we very first started thinking about this project it was about two years ago and at that time I was really getting into creating Apps for iOS since it was a growing market and it didn’t have a lot of games that had a lot of depth.  Furthermore, the touch interface works well with turn-based games and I thought Sunset Over Lievnos would be well suited for iPad.  Since then, the industry has shifted somewhat and my understanding has changed about the App Store and what types of games sell.

From the feedback I’m getting and from the articles I’ve read, people who buy games from the App Store aren’t interested in a deep experience and they certainly aren’t willing to pay more than a few dollars for anything.  The market won’t pay for deep games and so gamemakers don’t create them.  What you end up with is a huge marketplace for casual games, but not much else.  While that is all well and good, I enjoy a good solitaire or puzzle game, it just doesn’t seem like a great home for Sunset Over Lievnos.

In addition, most people who buy from the App Store don’t do extensive research about their games, they buy what’s on the charts or some ranked list.  iOs users aren’t interested in up-and-coming games, they aren’t a part of the gaming industry, and they don’t go out of their way to support indie developers.  Finding an audience of iOS gamers who like niche strategy titles or who support indies is very challenging, if not impossible.  Launching a Kickstarter campaign to get money from them up front is therefore not going to work well.

In my previous promotional outings I had received a bit of feedback from people who wanted a PC version so initially I had a stretch goal for a PC version.  It was pointed out to me through some feedback that this actually is alienating the PC crowd who might consider pledging but would end up with nothing if the stretch goal wasn’t met.  With that in mind my partner and I decided mid-campaign so bite the bullet and officially commit to creating a PC port if our initial funding goal was met, thereby ensuring our PC supporters a game they could play.  Confirming my suspicions about the iOS as a platform being difficult to get supporters from, the majority of our pledges came after we announced a PC version.


While we didn’t receive any specific feedback that our rewards were bad, and in fact the feedback we did get was that they were in-line with other projects, we had very few people subscribe to the higher levels.  Ultimately people ended up just preordering the game and that made up the bulk of our pledges.  While I think this is probably how most campaigns work, we didn’t get nearly enough people at higher levels to bring in bigger cash inflow.  I would still like to hear opinions on our rewards levels and I would look at those much more closely if I ever did another campaign.


Not Enough To Show

I think one of the biggest problems we had was that the game just isn’t far along enough in development to show a lot of actual game play.  This means that it was difficult to communicate to others what the game is about.  If you haven’t played Gemfire or Romance of the Three Kingdoms then it’s a bit difficult to get someone to understand how the game flows without showing them.  Unfortunately we were/are stuck in a bit of a paradox.  We need funding to get the tools we need to create the game, but we are unable to get funding because there isn’t enough of the game completed to inspire people to fund us.  We had several comments about how we didn’t have any of the soundtrack available.  The reason for that is that I need the funding money to buy the software and hardware in order to make the soundtrack.  We had hoped that launching a campaign early in development would allow us to procure the tools to speed up development.  My Macbook Air just isn’t up to the task and compiling and running the game takes up to a minute each time.  Often, especially when tweaking user interface and graphic positions I could compile and run the game 4 or 5 times a minute if my computer could process faster.  And because the screen is smaller with such a low resolution I end up with fewer lines of code on the screen and I have to do more scrolling.  It slows down how fast I can analyze my code or find specific lines I’m looking for.  The Air is capable of outputting to an external monitor, but it turns out that doing it causes the Air to overheat and the performance takes a huge nose-dive.



Because we are so early in development we haven’t had a lot of time to promote the game before the Kickstarter campaign.  This means we went into the campaign with just about no following.  I also didn’t spend enough time in the indie communities until the campaign was live.  I’m actually really enjoying being part of these communities and I think that in the long run making some connections here will help out so I intend on continuing my participation.  The one thing that this campaign was great for was in promoting the game.  Especially after we announced the PC version we received a fair amount of support which was encouraging.


The Future of Sunset Over Lievnos

At this point, since our funding has failed and we don’t owe anything to anyone, I’m debating about whether it is worthwhile to finish the iPad version at all and whether I should just set to work on the PC version straight away.  It doesn’t seem like there isn’t much of an audience for this game on iPad and it would also mean I wouldn’t have to buy the hardware I need to make the iPad version.  There would of course be a bit of a delay since I would have to port all of the code I currently have, but it may be worth doing now rather than later.  Erika and I are still both committed to making this game happen.  Right now we’re taking a look at our options.



I would LOVE to hear what our supporters are thinking.  What did we do that you liked?  What did you not like about the campaign?  Is anyone at all interested in the iPad version or should I scrap it in favour of an earlier PC release?  Let us know!  I also wanted to thank Rya Reisender, Raifeld, Bob The Hamster, Dragon Atma, Hideo Kuze, and Starry Knights who really went out of their way to give me some solid feedback, analysis, and discussion about the campaign and the game itself.  Your input was greatly appreciated.  Of course, I also want to thank everyone who pledged and showed their support for this project!  Please check back soon, we’ll let everyone know more about what happens next as soon as we figure it all out.



Kickstarter Update

Well, we were off to a bit of a slow start, which I anticipated since we are still working on getting the word out about the game.  The promotion aspect of an indie game is much harder than I thought it would be.  As a pretty hard core gamer, one who is particularly into the indie scene, I do a lot of searching myself and I find a lot of great projects.  What I forget is that the general population doesn’t do that and so reaching that audience is quite difficult.  I have spent a ton of time reading and researching ideas on how to promote yourself and I spend about an hour a day trying to get the word out but I haven’t found sure-fire technique.  An hour a day isn’t that much I guess but it’s really all I can afford between work and trying to actually get the game done.  Perhaps there isn’t one guaranteed technique and it’s about a collection of sources that eventually lead up to some semblance of mainstream exposure.  I know there are a lot of services out there who help promotion, but if we had money to buy into those services we probably wouldn’t need to Kickstarter.

Even so, I think we are doing pretty good.  We have had a few people buy the higher tiers, which is awesome since it drives our number up quickly.  I’m also excited about finding some new people who are interested in the game and I have received some very positive feedback about the project.  It’s nice to know there are still some strategy gamers out there who are excited about a game like this. few of you are even helping us get the word out and I’m finding the name “Sunset Over Lievnos” pop up around the web, which is fantastic!  I definitely want to thank our early adopters who are getting the ball rolling, it really does mean a lot to us!  As of this post we are at 14% funding with just under $1200 made toward our goal with 42 days left.

I’ll have more news about the game itself soon, so check back!