Try { Stuff } Ep 09 – Kelsey and Justin’s gaming history

In this episode, I chat with Justin and Kelsey about their gaming history. Find out how they got into gaming, what their favourite games are, and what they’re looking forward to next. Then, comment with how you got into gaming!


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The Dev Report Ep01 – Update for Nov 2016

Hello there good people, at long last we have another update! What’s happening in the game? What is The Dev Report? All is answered within. Please note, that we wanted to do this as a video blog, but we had technical difficulties and the video didn’t work. Unfortunately, we recorded a few eps this way, so audio only, so sorry about that. We’ll get all this figured out one day! Anyway, enjoy anyway.


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Edmonton Expo & Sask Expo

Hello everyone! I wanted to give an update for those of you in the Edmonton area that I’ll be at the Edmonton Expo, so come by and have a chat! I actually wanted the booth to feature Sunset Over Lievnos, but alas, it wasn’t quite ready to show. Instead, I’m helping promote a book entitled “Eye of Verishten”, for which I painted the cover art. You can check the book out over at

I also wanted to thank those of you who came to chat during Sask Expo last weekend. I wanted to post about it before the show but it slipped through the cracks with all the rushing around getting signage ready for the show. It was a fun show though, and I can’t wait until next weekend to meet more of you! I’ll be at booth G03.


Edmonton Expo


Updates and Design Discussion

Hello everyone,

You may have noticed that once again we haven’t been updating as much as we were a few months ago. It seems to be a bit of cycle with us. We’ll update regularly for a period of time and then neglect it for a while. I have been thinking about that lately and I really wanted to discover why we keep doing this. After some thought I have made a few observations that I thought I would share to give any of our followers some insight into what’s going on behind the scenes.

First and foremost I think we started talking about and publicizing our game too early. The last half of last year I spent a great deal of time programming the underlying system for the game and it felt like progress was happening, which it was. We started the Try { Stuff } podcast in an effort to promote the game and engage the community. We were pretty consistent for a little while but ultimately the development in the game couldn’t keep pace for how often we were doing updates (which was every two weeks). Furthermore, we found we were dedicating too much time to updates which took away time from working on the actual game. We decided to shift our frequency to once a month.

For February’s update, we had planned on releasing one of the game’s songs and have the composer on the podcast. The song was composed and we liked it a lot but we wanted a few things changed to it. Unfortunatley, our composers keyboard malfunctioned and she lost access to the samples that we wanted to record with. She is still currently trying to get it repaired. We still plan on doing that podcast but the delay bumped that update out of February and March.

I had intended on doing a different update that revolved around the new screenshots since I had moved on to creating the user interface for the game. Then a strange thing happened. As I was creating the HUD and the menus for the game I ran into a myriad of questions about how the game works. I ultimately realized that what I thought was a solid design document actually had numerous holes. And so I went back to the drawing board with a newfound understanding of how much detail ACUTALLY needs to go into a design document, and it turns out it’s a lot. Chalk that up to inexperience. My work history is more on the side of web applications and smaller specialized applications. Web applications are very modular and you can build and design them that way. Other applications I have done have all been designed to solve a specific problem and so the scope was small. This is the first large-scale project that I have taken on and I’m seeing now that you really need a solid design for the entire project before you can really begin work or you’ll end up with a mess and spending a ton of time later reworking things.

Luckily, the code I have created so far is a very generic system-level stuff, like input handling, that isn’t impacted by my lack of design to this point. I have spent the better part of the last month ironing out all of the details with the gracious help of my brother and cousin who have both spent hours of their time discussing the pros and cons of the numerous decisions I’ve had to make about the gameplay.

At this point, I would say I’m roughly 80% done the comprehensive design and I will be much more confident with continuing with the coding with that in place. Another benefit of doing such a thoughough design is that I’m even more excited about the game now. We had to detail every gameplay element and option and as a result we have come up with some really cool game mechanics as solutions to problems that we came across in the design process. I can’t wait to talk about it more.

Anyway, for those who have been following this project, thanks for your patience. We’re still moving forward and things are looking better than ever.


Happy New Year

Hi everyone. I wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and to give a progress update.

So we were doing good for a while there with updating every two weeks with the Try {Stuff} podcast but not so good in the last month. I ended up getting into a productive flow of working on the game that I didn’t want to take time away from it to do a video. So I think we’re going to scale back to monthly updates and see how that goes. I really do like making the podcast so I don’t want to pull away from it entirely.

Progress on the game is going well. A great deal of the underlying system is in place and I am now starting to work on building all of the games user interfaces. I have already finished the main screens interface and the map. Right now all of the art is placeholder, but as soon as we get something a little closer to the final version I’ll post some screenshots.

The story has been written and a full pass on editing has been made. We’re currently getting a few people to do a full read through and get feedback on that. I’m still not sure how exactly we’re going to release it or when, but I think it will be chapter by chapter and I hope it won’t be too long before we can start sharing some of it.

That’s all for now but stay tuned in the near future for another episode of Try {Stuff}.

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Try { Stuff } Ep 08 – Tyson’s Gaming Experience

I just realized that I forgot to update this page with the links for Episode 8 of Try { Stuff }. In this episode we discuss Tyson’s gaming history. Here they are in case you missed it:


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Try { Stuff } Episode 07 – Motivations and Expectations

In this episode, we talk about our motivations for making Sunset Over Lievnos as well as our expectation for what will happen once the game is released. What conditions would make us consider the game a failure? Find out in this episode.


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Try { Stuff } Episode 06 – Erika’s Gaming Experience

In this episode of Try Stuff I find out what game Erika first played, what she has played over the years, and what she is playing now. This podcast is only 13 minutes long, so check it out.

The video is available at:

Or audio only:


Try { Stuff } Episode 05 – Sunset Over Lievnos Chapters 1-3 Analysis

Here is the latest episode of try stuff. We ask a panel to read chapters 1-3 of the Sunset Over Lievnos prequel story and give us their feedback. In order to fully understand what we are talking about, here is chapters 1-3 for you to read!

SoL Chapters 1-3 version 1.0a

We are very exited about finally releasing some of this story! Please give us your feedback either in the comments here or over at the Crown Nation Forum

This is an audio only podcast and it runs just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can listen to is at youtube:

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Try { Stuff } Episode 04 – Goals & Risks

In episode 4 of Try Stuff we walk about our goals for the Try Stuff podcast as well as the risks of publically designing and talking about the development of Sunset Over Lievnos. Unfortunately, our camera stopped half way through the recording, so there is some video missing at the end. All of the audio is there though.

Watch the video:

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