Try { Stuff } Episode 06 – Erika’s Gaming Experience

In this episode of Try Stuff I find out what game Erika first played, what she has played over the years, and what she is playing now. This podcast is only 13 minutes long, so check it out.

The video is available at:

Or audio only:


Try { Stuff } Episode 05 – Sunset Over Lievnos Chapters 1-3 Analysis

Here is the latest episode of try stuff. We ask a panel to read chapters 1-3 of the Sunset Over Lievnos prequel story and give us their feedback. In order to fully understand what we are talking about, here is chapters 1-3 for you to read!

SoL Chapters 1-3 version 1.0a

We are very exited about finally releasing some of this story! Please give us your feedback either in the comments here or over at the Crown Nation Forum

This is an audio only podcast and it runs just over 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can listen to is at youtube:

Or audio only:


Try { Stuff } Episode 04 – Goals & Risks

In episode 4 of Try Stuff we walk about our goals for the Try Stuff podcast as well as the risks of publically designing and talking about the development of Sunset Over Lievnos. Unfortunately, our camera stopped half way through the recording, so there is some video missing at the end. All of the audio is there though.

Watch the video:

Audio only:


Sunset Over Lievnos Progress Update Aug 2015

Here is our latest podcast where we discuss the current state of the game, why it taking so long, and some plans for the future.

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Let’s Play Gemfire!

Ok, so I realize that it’s been a very long time since our last update and I apologize for that. We have still been working on the game although it has been hard and at times we have had to deal with other issues and had to put the game on the back burner for a while. Things are still moving forward though! We are going to do our best to update more often going forward. I know we have said that before and failed, but we’re going to keep trying. We do have some updates lined up for the near future. We are hoping to update every two weeks on the Wednesday. So check back then.

We have for you right now a Let’s Play of Gemfire, the game that inspired Sunset Over Lievnos. I have loved Gemfire since I was a kid but Erika has never played it. Considering she is working on a game that is inspired by it, I thought it would be a good idea for her to play it, so we recorded it!

Watch our Gemfire Let’s Play now:


We’re back!

I apologize for the delay in getting the site back up again, but at last it’s finally here. There may be a few issues with the conversion, so if you find something not working, let me know. We’ll have more substantial content shortly!


Podcast Ep01 – Prequel Story & Editing Process

Hi everyone,

So we are going to try to do some podcasts about our development of Sunset Over Lievnos and see how it works out. Here is our first episode! It is about the prequel story and our writing/editing process. Give it a listen and comment bellow or head over to the forum at to discuss.

Download Ep 01 – Prequel Story & Editing Process – 24min, 45MB


Works in Progress

Here are a couple of works that are just sketches at this point. We have been working hard on character development, plot development, and just general story making. My plan is to now start creating some illustrations which are more emblematic of the story we are going to tell.


A couple that will be important right at the start. No spoilers! Stop asking.


A title piece I have had on my list for a long time. Now I have images I can put in here that are actually from our plot! Not just for decoration. Don’t look at that knights hand … I have to fix that.




Under a rock.

NO! I have not died.

… I just wanted you to know.


Yep. These are for things. Things you may have seen in a screenshot.


Update at the Crown Nation Forum

Someone by the name Sniglefritz had found our SoL project and asked some questions over at the Crown Nation Forum. My response ended up being fairly large and gives a pretty good summary of our current situation with SoL so I thought I would post a link to the forum so you can all check it out (and ask any follow-up questions!).

The link is:

If you don’t see the link above, just copy and paste this link into the address bar of your browser: