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Sunset Over Lievnos Press Information

About Sunset Over Lievnos

Sunset is a turn-based grand-strategy game inspired by KOEI classics like Gemfire and Romance of the Three Kingdoms that has a heavier emphasis on characters and story.

During each turn you get a chance to plan for each province under your control.  You can assign tasks to officers in your province to do things like develop the economy or train soldiers.  The skill of the officer and the number of officers on a task determines how much each province stat increases in a turn.  Having plenty of officers is important so you can develop your province faster.  In order to gain more officers you must learn about them through spying and messaging.  Once you know what their desires are, you can make them an offer.  If the offer isn’t relevant to what they want, or if their loyalty is too high to their current ruler, they will reject you.  If you give them an offer they can’t refuse, you will have more man-power to develop your domain.


About the Creators

TysonVilleneuve is a 35 year old software developer, artist, and musician.  He is the programmer for Sunset Over Lievnos and is also composing the soundtrack and handling the user interface are and the digital aspects of the main art content.

Erika Schulz is a 35 year artist who is providing all other art for the game.  Unlike most games, Erika is using traditional methods which involves sketching, inking, and painting on paper.  These resources are scanned in, tweaked, and added to the game.  This creates a very unique style and texture to the art of Sunset Over Lievnos.




Here are three screenshots from the game.

This is the main interface from the game. From here you can scroll the map, select provinces to view the stats of, and navigate the main game menu in the bottom right corner.


This is the interface that allows you to assign officers to tasks such as developing agriculture, economy, fortification, or training.  The list on the left contains all of the officers that are currently in the selected province. Dragging them to the list on the right will assign them to the task in the development area you have navigated to.  You can remove them from the assignment by touching the red ‘x’ in the top corner of the officer’s profile box.


This interface allows you to make an officer to an officer in a neighboring province or an officer wandering through your current province.  Once you have selected the officer  who will deliver the message and who you target will be, you can choose one of several offer types including a one-time gift, wage increase, position of power, training in a particular area, working in a particular area, or even rest.  The chance of success is dependent on how favorably the target officer views you (which is influenced by how many times you have spoke with him in the past) and the charisma of the officer you are sending to deliver the message.


Here are various banner sizes that can be used in any way needed.  They are labeled according to dimension. If you need any other sizes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.






Promotional Materials

Here are a couple of images we have used on posters and handbills for promotional purposes.  They give an indication to the style the game uses.


Sunset Over Lievnos Logos
Various logos for the game with black and transparent backgrounds with and without glow.


Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like an interview, please contact Tyson through email



Sunset Over Lievnos Development Blog


Crown Nation ( The company name we work under)


Tyson’s Twitter

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