King Odyma of the Lorshyle family has died. His strength has held together the fragile bonds between the land’s rivaling families for the last thirty years. Lievnos is a large nation of diversity, history, and resource. After a series of tense events, the death of Odyma undoubtedly means war for control of the land. The sun is setting over Lievnos. Tomorrow will bring with it a new era.

As leader of a family you will vie for control of Lievnos and fight to unify it. You will need to develop the land, grow the economy, and protect your people. In order to do this you will need the help of loyal officers. You must make it a priority to learn about the people of Lievnos so that you can convince them to join your cause. You will discover a land brimming with history and character in your quest to bring the rule back under one banner.

Sunset Over Lievnos is a turn based grand strategy game for PC that is inspired by old-school classics like Gemfire and Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Each month you have to decide how to assign your officers. You have many options including developing your province, training your army, learning about potential officers to recruit, launching an attack, and keeping your people happy. Manage your resources, deal with disasters, and discover the world and its inhabitants on your path to glory.

Sunset Over Lievnos Features:

  • Over 80 characters with their own history and goals
  • Over 25 provinces to conquer
  • Turn-based strategy set in a mystical medieval world
  • Exciting single player campaign

Sunset over Lievnos is being created by programmer and designer Tyson Villeneuve and artist Erika Schulz.  You can read Tyson’s blog at www.tysonvilleneuve.com. You can see more of Erika’s art at www.tempeststudios.net