The Dev Report Ep11 – Update for October 2017

We finally the whole team together for this episode where we discuss the content creation tool, the new map, timelines, productivity tools and ideas, what we worked on during Oct, Justin’s exciting news, details about our weekly dev blog on Game Jolt.


The Dev Report Ep06 – Update for April 2017

Here is the update for April 2017. I go over UI, preparation for conventions, the Red Deer Maker Faire, Calgary Expo, and a retro video game find! Video:


The Dev Report Ep04 – Update for Feb 2017

Here is the Dev Report Ep 04, the update for Feb 2017 for Sunset Over Lievnos. Join Erika, Justin, Kelsey, and I as we discuss network coding, integration, art challenges, and what’s coming up for March.


The Dev Report Ep03 – Update for Jan 2017

Good day to you all! Here is episode 3 of The Dev Report. I talk about what we accomplished in January and what our plans for February are.


The Dev Report Ep02 – Dec 2016 Update

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday! Here is the dev vlog for Dec 2016. We have video this time! At last! In this episode we talk about art, creating game tools, what we should do with the unreleased prequel novel, and social media and how bad I am at…


Try { Stuff } Ep 10 – Learning Tips and Tricks We Use

I hope everyone is having a good holiday! Here is the latest episode of Try { Stuff } where Justin, Kelsey, and I discuss techniques we use to learning and problem solving. I feel like we only just brushed the surface of the topic, so I think we’ll likely revisit at some point in the…


Try { Stuff } Ep 09 – Kelsey and Justin’s gaming history

In this episode, I chat with Justin and Kelsey about their gaming history. Find out how they got into gaming, what their favourite games are, and what they’re looking forward to next. Then, comment with how you got into gaming! Video: Sorry, no audio available yet. I’m maxed out on our free podcast plan…


The Dev Report Ep01 – Update for Nov 2016

Hello there good people, at long last we have another update! What’s happening in the game? What is The Dev Report? All is answered within. Please note, that we wanted to do this as a video blog, but we had technical difficulties and the video didn’t work. Unfortunately, we recorded a few eps this way,…


Try { Stuff } Ep 08 – Tyson’s Gaming Experience

I just realized that I forgot to update this page with the links for Episode 8 of Try { Stuff }. In this episode we discuss Tyson’s gaming history. Here they are in case you missed it: Youtube: Audio Only:


Try { Stuff } Episode 07 – Motivations and Expectations

In this episode, we talk about our motivations for making Sunset Over Lievnos as well as our expectation for what will happen once the game is released. What conditions would make us consider the game a failure? Find out in this episode. Youtube: Audio Only:

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