The Dev Report Ep09 – Update for August 2017

Next up, Episode 09 of The Dev Report. I talk about our events system, new art, and Sask and Edmonton Expo.


The Dev Report Ep08 – Update for June & July 2017

The Dev Report Ep08 is up! I talk about why we missed June’s update & what you can do in SoL now that it’s playable!


The Dev Report Ep07 – Update for May 2017

Good day everyone, Here is the update for Sunset Over Lievnos for what we got done in May 2017. I talk about user interfaces, performance problems, optimization, and what’s next.


The Dev Report Ep05 – Update for March 2017

In episode 5 I discuss what we accomplished in March 2017. This includes my secret side project, promo materials, conventions, system integration, UI, art, and what’s next. Plus, I tell the story about how I met Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and my first interaction with Tim Gettys! Video: We’re also trying a new audio…


The Dev Report Ep03 – Update for Jan 2017

Good day to you all! Here is episode 3 of The Dev Report. I talk about what we accomplished in January and what our plans for February are.


The Dev Report Ep02 – Dec 2016 Update

Happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good holiday! Here is the dev vlog for Dec 2016. We have video this time! At last! In this episode we talk about art, creating game tools, what we should do with the unreleased prequel novel, and social media and how bad I am at…


Development Update

I haven’t posted on the blog in a little while so I thought I’d give a little update as to what is going on. Since we were unsuccessful in the Kickstarter campaign we are shifting our focus to the PC version of the game, which we will release first. This means we don’t have to…


Challenges with Solo Development

The last couple of weeks of work has been really challenging and the root cause is basically being the sole coder. I have finished my restructuring and I am now moving forward again but I’m now a bit preoccupied with making sure that things are done right so that I don’t need to reorganize my…


The restructuring continues

Alright, so remember when I said I was back on track?  Well, it turns out I had more work to do on the restructuring than I thought.  The problem was that I was creating a bunch of custom objects and special cases for each menu, and since the game is heavily menu-driven, I was increasing…


Reworking Code

Alright, so I obviously I haven’t put up any new screenshots lately.  What has happened is that I have reached a point in development where I basically have coded myself into a corner.  It has become very difficult to add new features with the way the code is structured.  I have spent the better part…

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