The Dev Report Ep12 – Update for November 2017

In this month’s developer update for Sunset Over Lievnos, we talk about the content creation tool, progress on UIs, Justin’s new job, fonts, the map, and a plan for what’s next.


Sunset Over Lievnos at Game Jolt

I’m excited to announce that we are now live with a weekly dev blog for Sunset Over Lievnos over at Game Jolt. Check it out, share, and comment!

Check it out here:


The Dev Report Ep11 – Update for October 2017

We finally the whole team together for this episode where we discuss the content creation tool, the new map, timelines, productivity tools and ideas, what we worked on during Oct, Justin’s exciting news, details about our weekly dev blog on Game Jolt.


The Dev Report Ep10 – Update for September 2017

Ep10 of The Dev Report is up! Disappointments and lessons at conventions, devs sharing secrets, and what’s next all within.


Sask Expo and Edmonton Expo 2017

I wanted to give big thank you to everyone who came to chat and vote in the Expo Character Battle during Sask Expo and Edmonton Expo. It was great meeting you all! I’ll talk a bit about the Expos in the next Dev Report. You can see the results of the Expo Character battle at


The Dev Report Ep09 – Update for August 2017

Next up, Episode 09 of The Dev Report. I talk about our events system, new art, and Sask and Edmonton Expo.


The Dev Report Ep08 – Update for June & July 2017

The Dev Report Ep08 is up! I talk about why we missed June’s update & what you can do in SoL now that it’s playable!


The Dev Report Ep07 – Update for May 2017

Good day everyone,

Here is the update for Sunset Over Lievnos for what we got done in May 2017. I talk about user interfaces, performance problems, optimization, and what’s next.


The Dev Report Ep06 – Update for April 2017

Here is the update for April 2017. I go over UI, preparation for conventions, the Red Deer Maker Faire, Calgary Expo, and a retro video game find!



The Dev Report Ep05 – Update for March 2017

In episode 5 I discuss what we accomplished in March 2017. This includes my secret side project, promo materials, conventions, system integration, UI, art, and what’s next. Plus, I tell the story about how I met Greg Miller from Kinda Funny and my first interaction with Tim Gettys!


We’re also trying a new audio host. Get the audio only here: